We have been trading as Lynways since 2011 as our names are Lyn and Wayne no great surprise where the name came from. Our beginnings were very modest, starting at one day fairs in the South West of England. No-one was more surprised than us to discover that quite a few other people appreciated our taste, encouraging us to start doing longer fairs in a number of locations around the South of England. We then decided that we should build on our success and started going further afield, we now travel as far North as Harrogate, South and West to Exeter,  East to Peterborough and in the Midlands the NEC in Birmingham for Antiques for Everyone.  In 2016 we started standing at fairs in London firstly at Mid century fairs and then adding Antique and interior fairs.  please see our diary page for a complete list of venues and dates.

Lyn and I both have Engineering backgounds: Lyn from a design and drawing office background whilst originally I was a Vehicle Mechanic in the Army; as a result we have slightly different views of our stock. Lyn is drawn to the artistic and aesthetic elements of the pieces; for me it is techniques of how things are made and how the effects are achieved. Due to our different views and interests we tend to end up with an eclectic mix of items. It also means that we have different things to talk about and therefore a simple enquiry can result in an enthusiastic and lengthy conversation so you have been warned, we can’t help loving our stock we hope you will too .

Lyn & Wayne